Hey guys,
today I’d like to tell you about the day I fell in love with Linux.

It was a rainy day (as usual in Hamburg) back in 2014. Leroy and I worked for a gaming company in different departments. He worked for the Datacenter team and I was a member of on-site IT-Support.

We had lunch together and talked about the day. Suddenly he began to tell stories about all the cool things you can do with Linux. Well, as soon as he mentions that he’s able to pipe every file into the soundcard to listen to the file on “bit-level” it attracted my attention. Important to mention, I was a Windows guy who wasn’t into terminals, Linux and such stuff.

Shortly after lunch, we sat together at Leroy’s desk and listened to several binaries such as vim or git. Those files weren’t quite a sick electronic beat as Leroy promised – they weren’t even good at all.

# Listen to any File of your choice. Tested on Arch Linux
aplay -t raw -f cd - < /bin/bash

In the afternoon we had a cake-break which is pretty common for this company. Suddenly some of the Linux guys talked about Nginx and Apache. They simply compared these both web servers. At this moment I wasn’t able to understand a single word but it took my attention again.

After work time I went to the local electronics store and bought a Raspberry Pi. In the evening I tried to install Raspian but it horribly failed because I wasn’t aware of how it works for Linux.

Fast forward 6 months. After installing about 100 Raspbians and destroying them afterwards I finally managed to install an Apache, place an index.html into the Webrootdir and keep the system alive.

In the end, I’m very happy and proud to be a member of this awesome community. I hope to have many many more years ahead to spend time with Linux and everything related to it.

Title Image via https://hdqwalls.com

Marvyn Zalewski

Marvyn Zalewski

Marvyn is a nerdy guy which is into Linux and everything connected to it. He also loves to automate his home and build up a home lab which includes e.G. a custom steam machine and backup automation. He loves to hear EDM music and try to become a gin enthusiast.


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