Hey guys,

today I like to tell and also show you something about my home lab including my well-known, not done yet, security system and the not so smart ‘Smart Home’ which obviously becomes smarter as time passes by.


The infrastructure consists of a Fritzbox Router (which I received from my Internet Service Provider) with a 1GB connection to a Cisco Tier 2 switch (the core switch). Bed- and Livingroom is also equipped with a 1GB switch (of course not cisco :-)). The switches are connected with CAT 7 cables which are jailed into a cable channel.


As I told before my security system consists of two hardware components: an IP Cam and a cable connected motion detector. No siren at all. The motion detector is connected to my Crestron (will be explained later) Smarthome Base into an I/O Port. As soon as the motion detector detects motion and the Security system is armed, a Raspberry Pi receives a xinetd command and executes a script which takes a picture, sends it as mail, and records a video afterward which will be uploaded to my Dropbox account.

Smart Home

My Smarthome stuff contains everything. It starts from Crestron (a commercial solution) and ends with OpenHAB2 (a opensource solution). I started with Crestron as my apprenticeship begun and it only controls my current security system and all infrared devices. OpenHAB2 is way easier and quite cheap to implement different smart home techniques like Z-Wave or Mysensors. At the moment OpenHAB2 control all Z-Wave Devices and it started to take over the infrared devices in the Bedroom.

Where the way leads us to?

I want to completely redesign my security system and exchange Crestron with OpenHAB2.

Crestron -> https://www.crestron.com/
OpenHAB2 -> http://docs.openhab.org/
Mysensors -> https://www.mysensors.org/


Thanks for reading. See you soon!


via Jason Brown and Shawn Douglas (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license)

Marvyn Zalewski

Marvyn Zalewski

Marvyn is a nerdy guy which is into Linux and everything connected to it. He also loves to automate his home and build up a home lab which includes e.G. a custom steam machine and backup automation. He loves to hear EDM music and try to become a gin enthusiast.


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